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Growing Up GovCon

Often the most difficult part of doing business with the federal government is obtaining that first contract. There seems to be a catch-22 embedded into the system where the government wants contractors with experience, but how do you gain experience if you can’t win a contract? The government has recognized this difficulty and has developed […]

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Buzz Words for 2013 part 3

“Cyber Reserve:” is a DHS initiative where a number of computer security experts would be available on a moment’s notice to assist the Federal Government in the event of a crippling cyber-attack.  DHS is currently looking at retired government employees now working for private companies. 

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BuzzWords for 2013 part 1

Just what exactly is “Strategic Sourcing?”  According to the GSA website:  “Strategic sourcing is the structured and collaborative process of critically analyzing an organization’s spending patterns to better leverage its purchasing power, reduce cost and improve overall performance.”  And in plain English, that means going to a more centralized purchasing as opposed to the decentralized […]

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