Lunch and Learns

Our Lunch and Learn series has become increasingly popular over the years. If you’ve attended a Lunch and Learn and want to reference information in a presentation, you’re in the right place. If you weren’t able to attend and are interested in the material or have questions, feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Past Lunch and Learns

2018-2019 Season 10

June 2019       Takeaways from 10 Years of Lunch and Learns
May 2019        Wheel of Misfortune: Avoiding Inadequate Incurred Cost Submissions
April 2019        LPTAs: History, Trends and Latest News
March 2019     Section 809: Streamlining and Codifying Acquisition
Feb 2019         Best Practices for Federal Flowdown Clauses
Jan 2019         Updates & Initiatives of the DCMA & DCAA
Dec 2018        Understanding Government Contract Change Clauses and Equitable Adjustments
Nov 2018         Top 10 Issues of the Top 3 Business System Audits: Accounting, Purchasing & Estimating
Oct 2018         Cybersecurity’s Role in The Evolution of The Fourth Pillar Within Federal Acquisitions
Sept 2018         The Power of Other Transaction Authority (OTA): Opportunities & Challenges for Gov’t Contractors

2017-2018 Season 9

June 2018          Financial Benchmarks & Industry Trends for Government Contractors (GAUGE Report)
May 2018           Tax Cuts and Job Acts: Hikes or Cuts
Apr 2018            A Review of Key Elements of the DOD’s Final Rule on Commercial Item Determination
Mar 2018            Getting an Edge Over Your Competition with Approved Purchasing Systems
Feb 2018            Contract Closeouts – Not as Easy as Open and Shut
Dec 2017            Contract Terminations – Not So Convenient
Nov 2017            Important Updates to the Service Contract Act (SCA)
Oct 2017            Understanding Advanced Indirect Rates in Government Contracting
Sept 2017           An Update on Executive and Employee Compensation for Government Contractors

2016-2017 Season 8

June 2017           Financial Benchmarking & Mkt Trends for Govt Contractors: How Does Your Company Compare?
May 2017            Risky Business: Common Compliance Issues with High Risk Clauses of FAR Part 31
April 2017           Audit Ready: An Insider’s Guide to Govt Contract Audits and Compliance
March 2017         Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide: Disclosure Statements & Cost Accounting Standards
February 2017     Small Business Regulatory Update
January 2017       Are You Prepared for the New Revenue Standard?
December 2016    Keys to an Acceptable Government Property Management System
November 2016    Recent Changes in Definitions and Determinations of Commerciality
October 2016       Budgeting and Forecasting: A Necessity for Successful Government Contractors

2015-2016 Season 7

June 2016          Financial Benchmarking & Market Trends for Government Contractors: How Does Your Company Compare?
May 2016           From Subcontractor to Prime: An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Government Prime Contractor
April 2016           Termination for Convenience Proposals: A Contractor’s Guide to Best Practices and Cost Recovery
March 2016         Maximizing Your Company’s Value Through M&A and Other Liquidity Alternatives
February 2016     Estimating System Review
January 2016       Mentor-Protégé Agreements and Joint Ventures
December 2015   Five CAS Standards Every Government Contractor Should Know and Follow
November 2015    What Government Contractors Need to Know About State Tax Obligations
October 2015       Protect Your Co. from Cyber-Attacks: What Government Contractors Need to Know?

2014-2015 Season 6

June 2015             An Insider’s View of Audit Readiness for the Department of Defense
May 2015              Prime Contractor’s Small Business Program
April 2015             Winning Contracts in a Changing Industry
March 2015           Government and Commercial Work
February 2015       Government Contracting Globally: Legal and Tax Considerations
January 2015         DFARS Accounting System Reviews
December 2014     The Advantages of Having an Approved Purchasing System
November 2014     Cost Accounting Standards From the Basics to the Finer Points
October 2014        Tax Credits for Government Contractors
September 2014    Proposed Changes to DOD’s Business Systems Rule

2013-2014 Season 5

May 2014              Earned Value Management for Finance Professionals
April 2014             Audit Proof Yourself! Top Incurred Cost Audit Findings
March 2014           Bid Protests
February 2014       Joint Ventures and Other Teaming Arrangements
January 2014         An Alternative to Selling Your Business: Employee Stock Ownership Plan
December 2013     Understanding the Rate Cycle
November 2013     Year-End Tax Strategies
October 2013        The Prime Contractor’s Responsibility Regarding Subcontracts
September 2013    Understanding the Financial Impact of the Affordable Healthcare Act

2012-2013 Season 4

May 2013               Developments in the Service Contract Act
April 2013               Back to (Contracting) Basics
March 2013            Keys to Submitting an Adequate Incurred Cost Proposal
February 2013        Future Of The Health Care Reform Law
January 2013          Is Your G&A Base Right for You?
December 2012       Preparing for the CPSR-A Practical Guide
November 2012       DOL Survival Guide and Top Ten 401(k) Pitfalls
October 2012          R&D Tax Credits: Are You Getting What You Are Entitled To?
September 2012     What Exactly is an Adequate Accounting System?

2011-2012 Season 3

June 2012              Defending Executive Compensation Successfully
April 2012              Four Trends Driving the Market for Federal Services
March 2012            Conflicts of Interest
February 2012        Bid Protests: When, Where, Why, and Can You Win?
January 2012         Board of Directors Update
December 2011      Joint Ventures and Teaming Agreements in Federal Contracting
November 2011      Women-Owned Small Business Set-Aside Program, Is It Working?
October 2011         The DOD Contractor Business Systems Rule
September 2011     Exit Strategies for Government Contractors

2010-2011 Season 2

June 2011             Understanding FAR and CAS
May 2011              Proposed Changes to Lease Accounting
April 2011             IFRS vs GAAP
March 2011          Winning New Business in a Difficult Market
February 2011      Compliance with FAR Ethics Requirements
January 2011        Navigating the Travel Cost Principle
December 2010    CFO M&A Strategies and Experiences
November 2010    Critical System Controls
October 2010        Year-End Tax Planning Strategies
September 2010   Internal Controls; Not Just a Public Company Issue

2009- 2010 Season 1

June 2010             Policies and Procedures for Federal Contractors
April 2010             Small Business Issues
March 2010          The Lost Art of Contract Closeouts
February 2010      What Your Financials Say Depends on Who’s Reading Them!
January 2010        Subcontracting in the Federal Environment
December 2009    Accounting for Fair Value
October 2009        Tax Planning for Government Contractors