Public Access Granted to GSA’s Acquisition Gateway

On February 5, 2016, in an effort to promote transparency, GSA opened up a public view of the Acquisition Gateway, giving public users access to a subset of the tools and content previously available only to Government employees. Non-Government users can now utilize GSA’s Acquisition Gateway at

It can be difficult to understand what the Government is looking for when it is making procurement decisions. This makes it challenging for contractors seeking to obtain their first Government contract.

In an age of an ever-growing call for Government process transparency, the newly-opened public view of the Acquisition Gateway can provide contractors with increased insight into the Government acquisition community.

The Acquisition Gateway
The Acquisition Gateway was built by GSA to help Government buyers/contracting professionals from all agencies act as one acquisition community. Within the Acquisition Gateway, users can find side-by-side comparisons of Government-wide acquisition solutions, connect with other acquisition professionals, and explore product and service category “hallways.” These hallways provide category-related (i.e., administrative support, IT services, etc.) articles, templates, market research tools, prices paid data, and more (from “GSA Opens Federal Acquisition Gateway,” 2016 (

The Gateway emphasizes its mission to present all possible information to acquisition customers. Furthermore, the message conveys the Government’s adoption of agile methodology ( in building the Gateway collaboratively using iterative development and stakeholder feedback (see “About Us” link in the Gateway’s top navigational bar).

These Gateway items are currently visible to public users:

  • Project Center
  • Solutions Finder
  • Statement of Work Library
  • TechFAR Hub
  • News and Events feeds
  • Releasable category-related articles
  • Buy Online button (releasable transaction platforms)
  • Contribute & Share button

Key Benefits
Public users can utilize the information in the Gateway to benefit themselves and the Government in many ways, including:

  • Aligning contracting efforts with those of Government agencies
  • Benchmarking against other solution providers to maintain competitiveness
  • Networking
  • Staying current on acquisition trends, news, and events (either in general or by service category/hallway)
  • Potentially having an impact on the Gateway’s evolution and, therefore, the contracting community

Learn More
Access the Acquisition Gateway at Once inside the Gateway, the site’s contact information can be found in the bottom navigational bar.

For more information, contact Adam Breen at (703) 744-8588 or or Kristen Soles at (703) 847-4411 or or visit the GSA Acquisition Gateway home page.

GSA Acquisition Gateway home page:

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