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Unsure about what costs are allowable or unallowable; wish you could access a downloadable copy of the FAR? Or maybe you forget something from the Cost Accounting Standards Lunch and Learn you attended last month?  We have all that information along with much more located in the Training and Resources section of the GovCon360 website.  If you haven’t glanced at some of the many resources and tools compiled on the GovCon360 website to help out our fellow government contractors, see below for a little tour of some of the many things we have available for you to view you on


Lunch and Learns

Are you preparing for an Accounting System Audit and need a refresher on the 18 criteria required for an adequate accounting system?  If you attend our Lunch and Learns series, you will know all about what is new in government contracting.  Stop by and visit us for our “DFARS Accounting System Reviews” Lunch and Learn on January 15th in Columbia, MD and January 22nd in Tysons, VA.   You can learn all about the class topics, as well as the location and the times of our other upcoming Lunch and Learns on the GovCon360 site.  On the GovCon360 site there are PDF copies of all our previous Lunch and Learns all the way back to 2009 – just in case you missed one.


For those that made the trek to Florida for the 2014 Deltek Insight Conference and attended any of our great presentations, there’s something for you too.  If you visit the Presentations page, you will see PDF copies of all our Deltek sessions for your convenience.


Thought Pieces

Have you found yourself wondering if there are any best practices to avoid conflicts of interest or what constitutes a conflict of interest exactly?  Well, you are in luck because that is one of our Thought Pieces that the team at GovCon360 thought would be useful to those in the government contracting field.   We have thought pieces addressing topics ranging from Executive Compensation- Recent Changes to Timesheet Corrections.

Tools and Reference Materials

Are alcoholic beverages always unallowable, are bonding costs always allowable, and in what instances can entertainment costs be allowable?  Guess what; we have a handy PDF with all the Allowable vs. Unallowable Costs with the FAR sections they are derived from listed as well.  If you want to view the Department of Labor website or a copy of the EPAAR, we have that along with other useful information on our site to make government contracting easier for you.

So next time you find yourself wondering about an issue in your industry, pay a visit and see all the great information we have readily available for you to access.

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