Skip the post-lunch dip

It’s no secret that exercising makes you a healthier person, but did you know that it’ll make you a better worker?
Research has proven that busy professionals who exercise during the day feel more productive, alert and experienced an improvement in their mood. Workers in the study indicated that they were less likely to suffer the afternoon fatigue known as the “post-lunch dip” on days when they exercised. As one of the workers put it, “it’s the paradox of exercise; to get energy, you have to spend some.”

Also, exercise seemed to help the workers deal better with the demands and pressures on the job. After brief exercising/stretching, people were more satisfied and enjoyed their work. They didn’t lose their tempers as much, or yell at coworkers or slam the phone.

In our profession, it is difficult to spend 30 to 60 minutes at lunch doing full-blown yoga or Pilates, but spending five to 10 minutes getting out of the chair and walking around the office, or stretching your arms and legs will give you a similar effect. The length of exercise or duration or intensity doesn’t really matter.

Our firm promotes employee wellness by providing access to a fitness center and the infamous balance ball chair. If you can’t make it to the gym during the day, at least try to form a small group within the office to take mini mid-day breaks to walk around the office building, or even stretch at your desk. You’ll notice an instant boost of energy, happiness and productivity.

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