Notifying DCAA of a Change in Location

Did your accounting department, and with it, all of the accounting records, move to a new office recently? Did you notify DCAA of your move? Based on advice given by a speaker at a recent seminar, you may just be okay if you didn’t. During the presentation, it was stated there is no established policy or process for notifying DCAA currently. However, it’s suggested that notification be made to your current cognizant office and the new office based on the new location. For your cognizant office to change, All of your Company’s accounting records in support of any necessary audits must move from the old location to the new location. Typically, this notification should be given 60 days in advance of any move, but, as previously mentioned, is not a regulation that is stated in any guidelines. In addition to notifying the DCAA, it is also suggested that you also provide the same notification to your Authorized Contracting Officer at DCMA, but it is more than likely that your cognizant office will not change.


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