Timesheet Corrections

Ideally, timesheet corrections should be prepared by the employee and approved by the supervisor.  When that’s not possible, company policy should provide an alternative mechanism for documentation of the change and approval by management.

The critical elements of documentation are:
• The date of the correction
• Identification of the timesheet being corrected (date and employee)
• The changes to accounts, projects or amounts (hours or dollars) on the original timesheet and any new entries

Many timesheet changes “net to zero.” In other words, the deletions and additions cancel out. Such changes often simply correct an error like a bad charge number or labor category.

Any time multiple similar changes are made, special care should be taken to document the reason for the change and a higher level of approval might be appropriate. Auditors pay special attention to timesheet corrections and multiple corrections to a single project or in a single time period get extra scrutiny.

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