Incurred Cost Audits- Are You Really Prepared?

Every year government contractors are required to provide their incurred costs submissions along with supporting documentation to their cognizant agency for review.  As a contractor, you may be familiar with this process already, but are you aware of the resources we have available to better prepare you for your incurred cost audit this year?  Are you sure that you have properly classified costs as allowable or unallowable?  Are you sure you know what the DCAA is looking for and where can you go to check?   

Our GovCon360 site has compiled many resources all in one easy-to-find location and here is a brief introduction of a few tools and reference materials that you will find useful.  One resource that serves as a quick reference tool to help identify the allowability of certain costs is our Allowable vs Unallowable Cost spreadsheet.  If you would like to know what kind of documentation the DCAA may want to view during an audit, you can navigate to their “Incurred Costs Audits Procedures” guideline from the link we have provided on GovCon360.  Our Tools and Reference Materials page contains many resources that we have in one centralized location to help you better prepare for an Incurred Cost Audit. 

We also have many other tools and resources that you should check out on our Tools and Reference Materials page to help simplify your work and make you better prepared for all facets of government contracting.

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