Deltek Insight and Washington Uncertainties

Deltek Insight’13 is upon us!  Quite a few of us from Watkins Meegan and WiJiT are currently in Dallas teaching classes.  The Deltek conference is the largest attended conference by our companies throughout the year.  It provides a great opportunity to see new friends and old as well as clients and associates in a relaxed atmosphere.  As I write this post (10/8), there are two very important uncertainties here in Washington 1) The closing ceremonies of the Deltek conference will be held in Dallas stadium.  When I reach down and touch the grass, will I be touching the same grass where the Redskins beat the Cowboys on Sunday? And, of course, 2) will our government be back to work?  Which would you have bet had a better chance of happening?  Hope to see you at Insight!

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