Team Building Fun, The Socially Responsible Way

Planning your next company picnic or team building event?  Consider an event that both gives back to the community and builds camaraderie amongst peers.  In the two years I’ve been with Watkins Meegan I’ve had the pleasure to participate in a number of events that served to both provide quality time with colleagues outside of our normal work routine and to generously give our time to worthwhile organizations that are doing great things in the community. 

Just last week we purchased enough food to provide over 120 sandwiches and assorted boxed lunches to a local charity, Cornerstones (,  focused on providing services to those in need.  Our conference room table generally reserved for important client meetings and internal status meetings was transformed into two assembly lines devoted to making sandwiches and bagged lunches.  As you can imagine the two assembly lines immediately began competing to determine who could out produce the other with no lack of volunteers to audit the results at the end.

Another great example would be spending the day working with students at a local elementary school while teaching a course through Junior Achievement (  There are smiling 5th grade faces that my colleague and I will never forget after taking advantage of that opportunity. Perhaps you can assemble a team to work on building a home through Habitat for Humanity or encourage corporate wide participation in a charitable race designed to bring awareness and race proceeds to a wonderful cause.

Are you too busy to take time away from work to do any of the above?  One recent initiative I saw from a colleague in the midst of tax season was to take 50% of the proceeds from the annual office pool and designate them to a worthy charity.  An interesting thing occurred, participation nearly doubled.  People who had never considered entering the office pool in the past before the charitable element was introduced loved the idea and gladly participated.

What unique opportunities have your organizations taken to incorporate team building and fun with philanthropy and social responsibility?

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