U.S. Federal Regulatory Agenda

Ever wondered what’s on the minds of the regulatory folks at the agency where you perform work?  Well now you can find out!    The Regulatory Information Service Center (RISC) gathers and publishes information on Federal regulations by Agency in its annual “Unified Agenda” located at: http://www.reginfo.gov/public/do/eAgendaMain.  The Regulatory Plan, which is published as part of the fall edition of the Agenda, identifies regulatory priorities and contains additional detail about the most important significant regulatory actions that agencies expect to take in the coming year.  For example, did you know that the DoD was developing a ‘Forward Pricing Rate Proposal Adequacy Checklist’?  DoD is also proposing to amend the DFARS to explicitly state that fringe benefit costs incurred or estimated that are contrary to law, employer-employee agreement, or an established policy of the contractor are unallowable!  What’s in your policies?  These Proposed Rules are listed under DoD’s  Agency Rule List for 2012 and are to be published sometime in 2013.  The website allows you to search for regulatory (and deregulatory) actions by Federal Agency, Office, Commission, Foundation, etc.   Get a jump start on your New Year!  The “Unified Agenda” is a “must read” for every government contractor!

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