CP7 – Ready? …. Set? …. Go!

Costpoint 7 has certainly been a hot topic of conversation among the Deltek user community for the past year, in particular since Insight, and we are sure everyone is aware by now that the deadline for upgrading to CP7 is October 1st when CP 6.1 moves to sustaining support mode.   Deltek has strongly advised their clients to invest the time to thoroughly test the system during the upgrade process (after all, millions of lines of code were completely rewritten for the Web), and to thoroughly train their end users in the new user interface and system navigation, as well as in the new functional and technical features. 

The recommendation is to plan for a 3- to 6-month upgrade process to allow enough time for the testing and training.  This is a significant investment—so why not take advantage of the time you are going to spend anyway and make other improvements, or take the opportunity for a “do-over” to fix design and implementation decisions that you have wished you could change.   Now is a great time to restructure your financial architecture to better meet your current business needs, clean out old historical data you brought along in the initial conversion that is no longer useful, and to rethink, update and document your business processes.

Want to learn more about your options for turning a necessary upgrade into an opportunity for improvement?   WJ Technologies and Great Circle Solutions, Deltek Premier Partners, are hosting a free webinar on February 28th to provide detailed insights into how to accomplish that.  Click here now to register!

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