Calendar Year End Issues and Resources

Still finishing the year?  You’re not alone.   

You’ll find most everything you need right here to help you get through – from processing  W-2s and Form 1099-MISC statements to regulatory issues.

Year End Info Center (all products), has links to videos and relevant articles for each of the products

Customer Support Forums, there are year-end forums for each product, this can also be reached through the support site 

Costpoint 6 CYE pre-requisites, KB article 71728

Costpoint 6 CYE regulatory updates, KB article 71731

Costpoint 7 CYE pre-requisites, KB article 71734

Costpoint 7 CYE regulatory updates, KB article 71739

When is the best time to apply the CYE update, KB article 65547

Time and Expense Year End video, KB article 64841

And remember, you only do this once a year.  No one can get good at something that they do only once a year.  That is why it can seem like you are feeling your way along and learning the process all over again every year.  At WiJiT we pride ourselves on the ability to assist our clients with the intricacies associated with the year end process.  Call us, we can help you. 

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