BuzzWords for 2013 part 1

Just what exactly is “Strategic Sourcing?”  According to the GSA website:  “Strategic sourcing is the structured and collaborative process of critically analyzing an organization’s spending patterns to better leverage its purchasing power, reduce cost and improve overall performance.”  And in plain English, that means going to a more centralized purchasing as opposed to the decentralized purchasing that is currently in place.  But wait a minute, wasn’t “centralized purchasing” demonized in the early 1990s because it put too much control in one agency?  So I guess it is true that everything old is new again, even in the Federal Government. Of course it comes with a different name, “Strategic Sourcing” instead of “Centralized Purchasing,” and with some new buzz words like ‘optimal solutions’ and ‘community of practice.’  But it will be interesting to see if it will work this time around.  Look for our Buzz Words posts in the next few weeks to become fluent!

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